Artist : Hera  
Album : Hera  
Produced, recorded & mixed


Artist : Kælan Mikla 
Album : Nótt eftir nótt
Co-writer & featuring : Nótt eftir nótt (feat. Bang Gang)


Artist : Marnie 
Album : Crystal World 
Album recorded & co-produced


Artist : Juliette Katz 
Album : Tout Va De Travers 
Co-writer & instruments : 2 tracks 


Artist : Ourlives 
Album : Den Of Lions 
Producer, recording & mix : 4 tracks 


Artist : Ólafur Arnalds 
Album : …And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness 

Co-mixing the album & co-producer of 4 tracks 

Artist : Angela McClusky 
Album : You Could Start A FIght In An Empty House 
Co-writer  : End Of My Rope 


Artist : Ourlives 
Album : We Lost The Race 
Producer, recording & mix : 6 tracks 

Artist : Craig Walker 
Album : Siamese 
Co-writer & Producer 


Artist : Anggun 
Album : Elevation 

Co-writer : Is it a sign ? / Est-ce Un Hasard 

Artist : Dísa 
Album : Dísa 
Producer : Temptation 


Artist : Keren Ann 
Album : Keren Ann 
Co-writer : Caspia 

Artist : Mai 
Album : Still Need A Kiss 
Producer of 2 tracks : Silly & Like In A Film 


Artist : Bubbi 
Album : Ást 
Producer & recording 

Artist : Bubbi 
Album : Í sex skrefa fjarlægð frá paradís 
Producer & Recording 


Artist : David Grumel 
Album: Lifestyle 
Co-producer, recording & mix : 8 tracks 

Artist : Keren Ann 
Album : Nolita 
Co-writer : For you and I


Artist : Keren Ann 
Album : Not Going Anywhere 
Co-writer & featuring : Ending Song 


Credits also include : Laurence Revey, Védis, Tvihöfði, Merzedes Club, Páll Óskar, Regína Ósk

Labels include : Emi Capitol, Naive, Sena, Nacopajazz, Discograph, Sony Music, Cod, Bang, Kölski, Erased Tapes , AZ, Universal France , Bernadette,  Cobraside,



Haxan electronic version CineMix performed in Rennes, France (2020)

Arctic drone festival in Husavik (North Iceland) combining drones and yoga  curated along with Melissa Auf Der Maur and Nathan Larson (2019)

Statue of Bardi at the Icelandic Museum of Rock’n Roll.  The full size piece was originally made for an exhibition at Triennale Milano during fashion week in Italy 2006 and transported to Iceland years later (2018)

Langspil. Awards of STEF Composers Rights Association of Iceland for outstanding results (2017)

Sacred Universe wins special jury prize at the ASVOFF Fetish festival (2017)

Bardi featured vocals on a cover of the Cranberries, Zombie. Song by The Void  for Middle Earth : Shadow of War trailer and X-Files trailer (2017)

Nomination at Icelandic Performing Arts Awards “Music of the year” (2017)

Haxan was performed by the Orchestra Operei Maghiare Din Cluj conducted by Simona Strungaru at TIFF the Transylvania filmfestival. The film was projected outside a castle (2016)

Icelandic Edda Film awards nomination (2015)

Co-Director and music the short film Sacred Universe premiered in Centre Pompidou Paris (2013)

Icelandic Edda Film awards nomination (2012)

Haxan electronic version CineMix performed in Centre Pompidou at the  ASVOFF 5  Filmfestival. Paris (2012) 

Red Waters, opera, music and libretto written by Lady & Bird (Keren Ann Zeidel & Bardi Johannsson).  Based on synopsis by Sjón, Keren Ann & Bardi Johannsson. Directed by Arthur Nauzyciel  and choreographed by Damien Jalet. Performed in Opera de Rouen / Le Cadran Evreux / Grand Theatre Tours / Theatre d’Orleans (2011) 

Music for Hedda Gabler at the national Theater of Iceland. Written by Henrik Ibsen and directed by Kristin Eysteinsdottir (2011) 

Nominated for the Scandinavian Film Music Awards  (2010)

Music for Brennuvargarnir at the National Theater of Iceland. Written by Max Frisch and directed by Kristín Jóhannesdóttir (2009) 

Music for Sædýrasafnið / Museum of the Sea at the National Theater of Iceland & Centre Dramatique National Orleans. Written by Marie Darrieussecq  and directed by Arthur Nauzyciel (2009) 

Black Garden. Music for a string quartet, clavier and electronics performed at Festival Aix-En Provance (2005) 

Dressing ourselves exhibition at Triennale Milano during fashion week.  Design clothes on a full size statue of Bardi (2005)

Music for children choir  at EPAL design birthday (2005) 

Lady and Bird Recording Diary – Book (with Keren Ann) (2003) 

Konfekt - TV Show (with Henrik B Bjornsson) (2001) 

Daily radio show Radio-FM & X-FM for 2 years (2000) 

Í vægðarheimum a choir piece written (with Henrik B Bjornsson) for Reykjavík the Cultural City of performed by the choir of Church of Grafarvogur (2000)