Bang Gang

Bang Gang is an one man melodic pop band from Iceland founded by songwriter/producer Bardi Johannsson (Starwalker, Lady & Bird). Bang Gang is known for its blend of songwriting, electronica and glacial atmospheres.   

The first studio album, YOU, was released in the year 2000 through E/W Warner France. The band's acclaimed second album SOMETHING WRONG was released three years later. In 2008 a personal and critically acclaimed album GHOSTS FROM THE PAST came out. The most recent Bang Gang  album THE WOLVES ARE WHISPERING (2015) has been described as "atmospheric ghost pop” with a “unique sound”. It presents compelling sonic snapshots of real life, with all of the mystery and color. This expansive, cinematic and hugely personal collection of songs runs the gamut of human emotion.


Starwalker is two artists blended together : JB Dunckel (Air, Darkel) and Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang, Lady & Bird). They chose that name, because they liked it. They make music because it is their passion. They like different things but have many things in common. One likes to wear white and the other one black. They are from Iceland and France. Sometimes they feel dark and sometimes happy. They reflect their feelings in the music.

We mostly write in Paris  and develop our music like “emotional mushrooms, growing with feelings in studios, blooming on CDs, Facebook, vinyl or anywhere else.”  Sometimes we are funny and sometimes we just drink coffee.

Lady & Bird

Lady & Bird is the mysterious and mesmerising musical collaboration between Icelandic composer and producer Bardi Johannsson and Paris-based  composer and producer Keren Ann Zeidel. Between them, Lady (Keren Ann) & Bird (Bardi) have been conjuring strange, whimsical sonic worlds and darkly tantalising atmospheres through their songwriting  (notably their self-titled 2003 debut studio album; the haunting La Ballade Of Lady & Bird, recorded with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra in 2009). 

Together Lady & Bird have provided music for Documentaries, TV series and advertisements, and their most recent large-scale production has been the opera and 'gothic fairytale' Red Waters, which premiered in France and toured opera houses to great acclaim in 2011.  Here we have two artists who have that vital combination of 'otherness' and a strong, intelligent sense of what simply works musically. Together, they are a quietly powerful force of nature.

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