Barði Jóhannsson


WYR, the original score to the David Guy Levy film “Would you rather” starring Jeffrey Combs, Brittany Snow and Sasha Grey, is the first fruits of collaboration between the Liverpool-born Daniel Hunt (Ladytron) and the Icelandic composer Bardi Johannsson (of Bang Gang, Lady & Bird).



  • 1. W Y R Theme
  • 2. Sleeping in the Car
  • 3. Entering for a Grand Dinner
  • 4. Electrical Safety
  • 5. Escape
  • 6. Bevans Theme
  • 7. Drivetime
  • 8. A Serious Game
  • 9. Doctors Office
  • 10. I Quit
  • 11. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
  • 12. Playing Might Be a Good Idea
  • 13. Office
  • 14. Doctor’s Theme
  • 15. Submerged Memories
  • 16. Back to the Game
  • 17. The Eyes Have It
  • 18. Congratulations
  • 19. Hangover
  • 20. W Y R End Titles


Daniel, having written and produced the majority of Ladytron’s five albums to date, has also had his work used to soundtrack various movies & television, including Lucas Moodysson’s Mammoth starring Michelle Williams & Gael Garcia Bernal, Anne Wintour documentary The September Issue, Amore 14, Sorority Row, Fringe, Sex in the City, commercials for Nissan, Bonds and others. He also scored the short ‘Pro’ in 2012.

Bardi’s music has featured everywhere from the silent horror classic Haxan to Sky Movies’ trailer for the Academy Awards, US series The OC to the movie Cashback. He has written original compositions for the National Theaters in France and Iceland, performed with Symphony Orchestras, and scored numerous features including Reykjavik Rotterdam (winner of Best Original Film Score at the Icelandic Film awards) shorts, documentaries and advertisements.

The pair began collaborating in 2009 in a pause between their main projects and over the space of a week in Reykjavik created something comparable to a modern interpretation of an Italian Giallo score without a movie attached. The instant results of that experiment spurred them to develop the project across several more sessions in Iceland, culminating in the request for them to score ‘Would you rather’, which is now released simply as WYR, and will be the first of many collaborations between these two composers.